World-Class Memory Care When You Need It

While you might dread leaving your loved one in the care of others, there may come a time when his/her limitations necessitate more support than you are able to provide. Be it Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or one of the many other memory-loss impairments that accompany age and the elderly, the medical and mental health requirements of this population are apt to exacerbate without proper and comprehensive care.

At Chelsea Senior Living, we understand how traumatic it can be for the entire family to transition a loved one to a higher level of care. Committed to comfort and dedicated to upholding integrity, we encourage seniors and families alike to consider the following benefits of supervised memory care:

Comprehensive Memory Care Solutions

No matter the level of support your loved one needs, an integrated team of professionals will ensure that his/her needs are met in a timely and comprehensive manner. From early signs of memory loss to advanced stages of cognitive malfunction, each treatment plan is customized to the unique and particular needs of individuals both when they arrive and as they continue to age.

Customized Services for Seniors

From daily medications to regular activity, life in a memory care facility will be tailored to the particular idiosyncrasies of memory loss patients. Designed to keep seniors safe whilst also respecting their integrity, a range of services will allow for your loved one to age in grace. Of course, your observations and continued support will be a central focus of treatment.

Improvement in Quality of Life

Ageing is both a physical and mental struggle, and is only compounded by the frustration of memory loss and anguish of cognitive degeneration. While it may not be possible to keep your loved one at home through this process, the support and services of a memory care program will ensure that his/her quality of life is vastly improved. Through compassionate care and companionship, seniors will live out their final days as who they are, not what they have become.

Prone to the emotional turmoil that often accompanies memory loss, seniors are at an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Advocate for your loved one and endeavor to ensure the continued respect of integrity that every human deserves, regardless of age or diagnosis.

To learn more about our comprehensive range of services, contact Chelsea Senior Living online or visit us in person at one of our beautiful facilities across New York and New Jersey.

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