Will Each Dentistry in Puyallup WA Favor Electric Brushing?

Everyone knows that brushing their teeth is essential for keeping the mouth in a state of optimal health. This is not the only measure to be taken if a person wants a healthy smile, as there are also regular dental visits, dental cleanings, flossing, rinsing which all form the cornerstone of any oral cleaning process. Today, despite the rise of electric toothbrushes, many patients are still opting for the manual toothbrush. It is easier to manage, faster, and they think they have mastered the technique. But, often times, this is not the case. What are these mistakes? Your local Dentistry in Puyallup WA can indicate what people are not doing well and how to use the manual toothbrush properly.

As mentioned, daily tooth brushing, which seems like a simple task, cannot be done just any old way. Here are the most common errors people make when using a manual toothbrush.

  • Not brushing at least twice a day. All dentists recommend brushing the teeth at least twice a day and, if possible, preferably three times. Moreover, one must do so for two to three minutes, which is enough time to clean both arches. Simplifying things a bit, dentists can say that every section in the mouth should be brushed for about 30 seconds. It has to be done essentially after waking, eating and before bed.
  • Using excessive force is another error. In many cases, patients think that the more pressure they exerts on the teeth the cleaner they will be. But brushing hard will only hurt matters. This can affect tooth enamel and gums, so better cleaning is not done by using force, but by applying the proper brushing technique.
  • Another mistake is that people do not use the right toothbrush for their mouth. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when brushing. Although the variety of brushes available today in the market can confuse most people, one must know how to choose the most suitable for their mouth, the model that best suits their needs. It is essential that the brush suits the size of the mouth, but usually brushes with a smaller head is what helps people clean the hard to reach areas.

Seeking help from a local Dentistry in Puyallup WA, concerning this is advised.