Why Many Dentists Consider Implant Restoration One Of The Best Ways To Improve Smiles After Tooth Loss

Those who have had to endure tooth loss truly understand how disheartening the experience can be. Whether the tooth loss was due to serious injury or tooth decay, losing a tooth can have a negative impact on the way that a person feels about themselves. What is even more unfortunate is that losing a tooth can lead to a serious decline in the overall state of a person’s oral health.

However, seeing a dentist in Olympia WA about restoration options soon after the tooth loss happens can help patients overcome both of these issues. One of the best options available to patients today is dental implants. Read on to find out why implants are considered one of the top restoration options.

• Dental implants are one of the only dental solutions that can help a person avoid jawbone deterioration and further tooth loss. When a patient loses a tooth, the jawbone in that area begins to break down because it is no longer being stimulated regularly. Because an Implant Restoration is fused to the bone before the prosthesis is placed, the implant can help remedy this problem, allowing patients to keep their oral health intact.

• One of the best things about dental implants is that they look and feel natural. With a dental bridge, patients sometimes complain that the hardware is uncomfortable or that it becomes visible when they talk or laugh. Unfortunately, dentures aren’t always comfortable either, as they may slip and slide around in the mouth. Dental implants are firmly affixed in the mouth and look and function just like the other natural teeth.

• An Implant Restoration doesn’t require any alterations to be made to the existing healthy teeth in the mouth. In order to get dentures, a patient may have to have one or more of their teeth extracted. When a bridge is placed, the dentist has to shave down the adjacent teeth to which the bridge will be attached. Getting a dental implant allows patients to keep all of their other teeth intact, which is definitely healthier for their smile.

Dental implants not only look great, but they are also quite durable as well. With proper care, quality dental implants can last a lifetime, which makes them a worthy investment. Schedule an appointment with South Sound Family Dental & Dentures today!

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