Where Your Teen Will Be Offered a High School Education Like No Other?

High school can be one of the most developmentally important milestones in a person’s life. Why not allow your child to experience those years in a way many schools are not able to provide? In your search for high schools near Barstow, CA, consider putting this free charter school at the top of your list.

Individual Attention

Online classrooms combined with individual and self-paced learning programs mean more customized attention for each student. Online classrooms are a popular option for many students, but that does not minimize the care and learning opportunities available to each one at one of the top charter high schools near Barstow, CA.

Types of classes Available

Classes include the core curriculum of math, science, English, and Social Studies to fit with your teen’s interests and goals. Language choices include Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese.

This accredited charter school has been a choice for many students and parents for years with the faculty and staff to be a large part of that reason. Whatever medium works best for your child, be it online, independent study, or homeschooling with assistance from the high school teachers, your child is in good hands.

Included with Academics

The teachers and staff at this charter school recognize how difficult high school can be for most students in one way or another. Each enrolled student has access to counseling, guidance, and multiple resources to help bridge the years from high school student to young adulthood. The goal is to help make this one of the highlights of your teen’s high school years.