When to Seek a Professional Acne Treatment in Tucson

You’re a grown woman, why are you still dealing with pimples? You’ve tried all the products from the drug store, and you take good care of your skin. So why are you still suffering from dreaded breakouts? What can you do about acne treatment in Tucson?

When the Air is Dry, Your Skin Produces More Oil

Arizona is notorious for dry air. Many times you’ll hear people rave about this when it comes to the weather. Often remarking that it may hot but it’s a dry heat. While this may be good for temperature, it wreaks havoc on your skin. When there is less moisture in the air, you skin inevitably starts to dry out. This lack of moisture causes your sebaceous oil glands to go into hyper mode. The purpose of the oil is to moisturize the skin and restore a healthy balance. Sometimes as the sebaceous oils move from the glands to the surface, they begin to accumulate dead skins cells which become trapped in the follicular ducts. This trapped skin cells eventually turn into those nasty pimples that you hate.

What Can You Do At Home

You’re probably already following a meticulous cleaning regimen for your skin. You should also be moisturizing and preferably with a lotion that contains an SPF. In addition, you need to think about your bed. Your face rubs up against you pillow case every night for probably 8 hours or more. As you happily drift away, oils from your hair and face are transferred to your pillowcase. Then, during the night every time your face rubs against that pillow case, those oils are transferred back to your skin. You need to be changing your pillow case at least every two days to combat the accumulation of oil.

See a Professional

For many women, dry, stale air simply proves to be too difficult for their skin to handle. As much as they try, they still suffer breakouts. You can seek professional help. A doctor or dermatologist can offer many different Acne Treatment in Tucson. For instance, the Isolaz Acne Treatment offered by Laser 1 AZ has been shown to be highly effective in treating acne breakouts.

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