What You Should Know About a Chimney Liner in Suffolk County NY

Most homeowners secure a section of their kitchen or living room to install a fireplace for heating their homes or cooking. The fireplace is usually connected to a chimney that helps expel smoke from the house. Very few people consider checking their chimney or installing a chimney liner and thus they risk fire accidents that may destroy their property. This is because they have little or no information about chimneys installation and maintenance. The following are some of the things you should know about a Chimney Liner in Suffolk County NY.

When you should install a chimney liner

Some of the situations that may require the installation of a chimney liner include:

* After installing a wood stove

* If you have installed a boiler furnace

* If your old liner is leaking

If you have a problem with your chimney, hire an expert to help inspect it and help you know whether installing a chimney liner may solve your problem.

Types of the chimney liner

There are many types of chimney liners available in the market and at an affordable price. Some of the common chimney liners include:

* Metal liners: Most metal liners are made of stainless steel and can either be flexible or rigid. The rigid liner is recommended for a chimney that has no bends or off-sets. On the other hand, the flexible chimney can fit in most basic chimney shapes and are easier to install than rigid ones.

* Clay liners: This type of liner involves installation of clay tiles on the inner side of the chimney. Clay tiles can withstand high temperatures and are not easily corroded by smoke, unlike metallic liners. They are cheaper to buy and can last many years before a major renovation is required. However, clay tile liners are difficult to install especially if the chimney has bends. They also crack easily when hit by objects such as snow rocks and the fall of the tile pieces can damage your appliances at the bottom of the chimney.

These are the common types of chimneys in use today. Before choosing a Chimney Liner in Suffolk County NY, you should consider consulting an expert from All American Chimney and Duct Cleaning Inc of Suffolk County NY. You can also visit their website: for more details.

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