What You Need to Know About Cake Pop Pans

Cake pop pans are handy for making cute cake balls for parties or novelties and other events. Finding the right containers is necessary to get the perfect look you are going for. These edibles are placed on sticks giving them the look of lollipops. While people tend to be more familiar with the round shapes, these can be created in a variety of shapes depending on the container used. Other common shapes include bunnies, chickens, stars, numbers and the alphabet.

Finding the Right Pan

If you want to make these cakes, you will need to find Nycake right types of cake pop pans to give you the shape you want. Many manufacturers of baking products sell these, so finding the perfect shape is not an issue. If you like making these delights, you may want to buy more than one mold. For people who like to make large batches, there are molds with 20 or more cups in which to pour the ingredients. They also come in different sizes so you can make mini cake pops.


You can buy professional cake pop ballers that will help you create smooth, round balls. You can opt to make the balls by hand before putting them into the mold for baking. For those making large batches at a time, using a cake pop maker increases the production rate and reduces the time to make them. There are many brands of these molds on the market so you should take your time to find the ones you want.

All the Components

Having the right mould is important if you want the shapes to come out looking perfect. However, you will need more than just the molds to make perfect pop cakes. Most baking supply stores will sell all the necessary components such as the pans and sticks. Thankfully, there are lots of recipes online providing details about making these delectable munchies. These are ideal for anyone who loves baking or who wants something different. Making little cakes that are then rolled in chocolate, icing and other decorative edibles is a fun way to liven up any event. Cake pops are delicious treats that anyone will love.

Visit to see some of the different shapes of cake pop pans that are available. You will also find different accessories such as the sticks you will need to help you make perfect cake pops.

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