What You Can Expect From A Pet Wellness Visit At An Animal Hospital In Fort Wayne

Caring for a pet gives pet owners enjoyment and companionship every day. In addition to feeding your pet, playing with him and keeping him safe, care also includes visits to an animal hospital in Fort Wayne. In addition to emergency care when your pet is ill, you should also take him to the vet for regular health checkups at least once every year. Below you’ll learn what your veterinarian will do during a wellness visit.

Physical Exam

The veterinarian will begin by giving your pet a complete physical examination. This includes checking his eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, skin and coat. The vet will also examine your pet’s lungs, internal organs, lymph nodes and heart for any abnormalities or conditions. Cats and dogs will be examined for the presence of fleas and ticks during their wellness exam.


Your vet may want to do a blood test for a blood count and to check the condition of your pet’s thyroid. A urinalysis may also be performed as well as a stool test to check for heart worms in your dog. A vet at the Animal hospital in Fort Wayne may want to take blood from your cat and run a test to check for the feline leukemia virus.


You should keep your pet up to date on his vaccinations because in many states, including Indiana, the law requires that all cats and dogs have a rabies vaccination. Vaccinations for puppies include distemper, parainfluenza and measles. Kittens will need a vaccination for feline distemper, rhinotracheitis and feline calici virus. There are also optional vaccinations that you can get for your dog including an inoculation for Lyme disease, leptospirosis, coronavirus and bordatella. Optional vaccinations for your cat include shots for feline immunodeficiency virus and chylamydophila felis.

Dupont Veterinary Clinic specializes in preventative health care, surgical procedures, micro chip implantation and emergency treatment for your pet in Indiana. They have an on site laboratory and pharmacy, so you don’t have to wait on test results or medications for your pet.


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