What Would Prompt a Homeowner To Seriously Consider Window Replacement in Petaluma CA?

It is possible to own a home for decades and never have to do anything with the windows other than clean the ones and paint the frames every few years. Even so, not everyone is fortunate enough to have windows that are so easy to manage. If certain events begin to happen, the homeowner would do well to think about Window Replacement in Petaluma CA. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

The Window Sashes Stick

It would be nice to open a few windows and let a fresh breeze into the house. The only problem is that all the windows stick to the point that it would take a strong man from the circus to lift the sashes. Rather than sighing and forgetting about that breeze, it makes sense to talk with a professional about a complete Window Replacement in Petaluma CA. Once the new windows are in place, opening and closing the sashes will be a snap.

Air Seeping Everywhere

Over the years, the sashes have become a little loose, and there’s a crack or two around the frames. Even with the windows closed, there is still a detectable flow of air when the wind is blowing. That makes it harder to heat and cool the inside of the home. Instead of remaining stuck with higher utility bills, it makes sense to find out how much it would cost to replace all the current windows and seal those cracks. From the first full billing period after the new window installation, the homeowner will love the lower balances on those utility bills.

Tired of Painting the Window Frames

Painting the window frames was not a big deal in years past. Now the idea of having to handle the project one more time fills the homeowner with a sense of dread. Why make things more complicated than necessary? Installing a nice set of aluminum or vinyl windows eliminates the need to paint, freeing the homeowner’s time for more enjoyable tasks.

After taking a look at the house and discussing the options for window designs and types, it will be easy to come up with a solution that is perfect for the client.