What is the NJ Walk-in Clinic?

Like death and taxes, it is almost impossible to go through modern life without needing some sort of medical attention or advice. Throughout most of history, the local family doctor dealt with more or less everything from birth to death. Today, the local doctor has given way to primary care practitioners. In highly populated towns and cities, this is likely to be a group of doctors teaming up to cope with the sheer number of patients residing in their area. For many people, this group practice may be geographically difficult to reach. Especially if their need for medical attention has some degree of urgency attached to it.

This has led to the development of strategically located clinics, such as the Walk-in Clinic. People can simply turn up without any prior notice and avail themselves of a wide selection of medical advice, treatments, and diagnostics. Medical facilities of this kind are not intended to totally replace primary care physicians. Instead, they provide an alternative for one-time or unique health needs. These clinics may be easier to get to, and many of them are open 7 days a week for longer hours than a primary care practice.

The only time that clinics like the NJ Walk-in Clinic cannot be of assistance is in the case of dire, life-threatening emergencies. Their staffs are well qualified in most medical disciplines; however, they do not have specialist surgeons and physicians. While walk-in clinics do have equipment such as X-ray machines and other diagnostic tools, they do not have operating rooms and the highly sophisticated medical equipment found in most hospitals. Nor do they have beds and other facilities for in-patient care.

So, what do you do if you cut yourself while chopping vegetables? You can always go to the nearest hospital’s emergency room, but you may have a long wait while they deal with more desperate cases. Their charges are likely to be quite high, too. A quicker and more economical choice would be to rush to your nearest walk-in clinic.

People in the NJ should keep handy the phone numbers for Prime Care – Urgent Care Providers (see their website https://myinstadoc.com/). Their are open 7 days a week to meet many of your medical needs without appointment and no long waiting time.

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