What Is Backflow Preventer Testing in Troy, Ohio?

Backflow preventers are mechanical in nature, thus they can and will fail with time. As a result, the Ohio Plumbing Code requires any device of this type undergo yearly Backflow Preventer Testing in Troy OH to ensure it is working properly. A failure of this device to operate as intended could lead to harm to humans or property, therefore this is one test that cannot be delayed.

The Definition of Backflow

Individuals often wonder exactly what backflow is. Any time the normal direction of flow is unintentionally reversed in a potable water system, this is referred to as backflow. This is of importance, as the backflow can lead to the system becoming contaminated or polluted by a gas, solid, liquid or mixture of these items. Backflow is of concern as good and bad water could then be mixed together.

How Is the Device Tested?

Backflow Preventer Testing in Troy OH is a simple process. Test ports are built into each device to allow for this testing. A test kit is hooked to the device to ensure it is operating correctly. For the test to work, however, any water downstream of the device has to be turned off. Property owners don’t even need to be present during the test. Simply leave the paperwork provided by the city or health department for the tester. However, if the device is located inside the home, someone must be there to allow the tester in.

Why Do These Devices Fail?

There are a number of reasons why a backflow preventer may fail. The quality or pressure of the water can harm the device, and the same is true when it comes to the frequency of use. If the device is installed improperly, problems may arise also. Thankfully, many repairs are simple and require nothing more than the replacement of a spring, O-ring, or seal. Others are more complex and require a more involved repair.

Contact A & L Plumbing to have backflow preventer testing carried out. The company will not only test the device & but will also make recommendations for repair or replacement if needed. Don’t delay the test, as many repairs are easy to carry out. The longer one waits, the more damage that may be done. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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