What Can A Client Expect from Spider Extermination in Keizer, OR?

Why Are Spiders Considered Pests?

Not only do many people find spiders creepy, but a lot of spiders in a building indicate that it’s infested with something else. Spiders are predators that feed on other arthropods, including many pest species. A spider infestation thus indicates the spiders have found a lot of food in the building. The pest control professional will, therefore, start by examining the property for signs of whatever the spiders are preying on.

What Does Spider Extermination Involve?

Spider extermination in Keizer, OR, will involve getting rid of both the spiders and their prey. To that end, the pest control specialist will choose an environmentally safe way to kill the pests. They will also locate and seal off any entry points to keep the pests from re-infesting the property.

What Kinds of Spiders Are People Likely to Find?

There are over 500 spider species in Oregon. The giant house spider and hobo spider are among the most commonly found. The female giant house spider can be as much 0.7 inches long, while the male is smaller. The hobo spider belongs to the same genus, Eratigena, as the giant house spider, so they resemble each other. The hobo spider, however, is typically smaller. The black widow is less common, but it can deliver a nasty bite. Only the females are venomous.

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