What Are the Advantages of Buying Wholesale Cabinet Doors for Remodels

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs get pricey quickly. Homeowners on a budget are always looking for ways to keep their costs in check. One way to do this is to purchase wholesale cabinet doors. Read on to learn more about the advantages of buying wholesale.

Stretch the Budget Farther

Ordering doors directly from the manufacturer is the best way to save money when installing new cabinets. Homeowners find that the prices are significantly cheaper than buying retail. The reason these doors are so much cheaper has nothing to do with the quality. Instead, manufacturers don’t have the same overhead costs the retailer and distributors come up against.

Better Selection and Quality

Retailers don’t always carry a large variety of cabinet doors. They can order them for their customers, but why pay more for something one can order themselves. Not only do buyers get a bigger selection, but they get better quality. When spending money on a remodeling job, one wants to know that the cabinet doors they buy will last.

How Much Can One Save on High-quality Wholesale Doors?

The savings vary depending on the type of doors one purchases and from where. However, the average savings in about 30%-50% less than buying from retail stores.

Buying cabinet doors shouldn’t be difficult and it shouldn’t eat up a good portion of the remodeling budget. To order wholesale cabinet doors, choose a supplier that offers a lot of selection, online ordering, and great customer service. For more information, contact Intenzi today.