Types of Commercial Doors

Finding the right door for your particular business is stressful due to all of all the options. Some doors offer more security but less in visual appeal than others. Here a few different types of commercial doors for all types of businesses from the Store Door Nashville TN to office and commercial space doors.

Sectional Doors

The sectional door is usually used for loading docks or commercial garages that have a lot of drive through traffic. These doors can be outfitted with window, insulation and even motor operating systems instead of the standard pull chain. The only drawback of these doors is that they block a good bit of light when they are in the rolled up position. They are most commonly used in commercial applications.

Personnel Doors

Personnel doors are utilized in office settings because of the security features they offer. Generally these doors are equipped with passcodes or card swipe terminals. These doors are great for businesses that want to keep track of the activity of their employees and visitors. They come in a wide array of different styles and colors.

Impact Doors

Impact doors are usually used in high traffic areas as Store Doors Clinton or restaurant doors. The doors are great in restaurants because it allows the blocking off of the kitchen area. They are also great for high traffic areas that are temperature controlled. Impact doors are typically heavier and more durable than regular commercial doors and can go back to the shut position when not being held open, making them effective in keeping energy costs down. There is a risk of injury if these doors are not used as intended because of their weight. You will need to put a window on the door so people on opposite sides of the door can see each other.

Installation of any of these doors should be handled by a knowledgeable and experienced door professional. Always look for the best company to complete your particular job. Check the company’s references if at all possible, as this will give you an idea on the quality and pricing of their previous jobs.


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