Tips From Magento SEO Services

While Magento may not be as widely known as some ecommerce platforms, it is still a very popular and versatile option to consider. It’s great for setting up a website to use on tablets and smart phones, and is one of the few online stores geared for both third-party integration as well as customization. However, even with all these features, most people can still use some help with Magento SEO services.

There are some basic and advanced Magento SEO services built into this ecommerce platform, but using a specialized service to hone in on every SEO advantage is well worth the money. It will help to drive traffic to your site with the most effective descriptions, content, and pricing. Afterwards you will see an increase in conversion rates.

The Importance of SEO

If you are wondering why you use Magento SEO services for ecommerce website, consider this one interesting online consumer fact: Online stores can attribute 40% of their total annual sales from first-time buyers that found their store based on a search engine result.

To not be in the top results, either through organic searches or PPC (Pay per Click) results is decreasing your income by that 40%. Either way you are not achieving your potential. In addition, and to stress the fact even more, three quarters of all online searchers never scroll down to the bottom of the first page, which means they don’t even have a chance to see your site if it isn’t in the top results.

New Content

The biggest tip from any company offering Magento SEO services is to avoid using any descriptions or information found on another site. Always take the time to rework descriptions and use the keywords identified by analytics that your customers are using to search.

Blog Away

You may be surprised that blogs, even if not directly product related, are a big consideration with Magento SEO services. Dynamic and interesting content not only keeps people on the page, but is also a great way to display backlinks.

Backlinks and links to other reputable sites will help you to boost your standings and help to brand your website as a place to find relevant, timely and product related information.

There are many Magento SEO services a professional can recommend to you to improve your site. The more of these strategies you can incorporate, the more you will see an improvement in traffic to your site and in sales conversions.

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