The Types Of Shingles Offered By Roofing Contractors in Jefferson City MO

When you think about it your home’s roof is one of the most vital parts of the home. Most people don’t realize this because the roof is up and out of the way. The roof of your home will be one of the first things people see while outside your home, and this is why it’s important to pick the best roofing material for you. The following are some of the most common roofing shingles used by homeowners and contractors.

Any Roofing Contractor in Jefferson City MO will tell you that asphalt is the go-to shingle for most homeowners. Why? For starters, asphalt shingles are very affordable. A single piece of asphalt shingle can cost a few cents. In addition to being affordable, asphalt are also very durable and long lasting. If installed properly these shingles can stand up against winds over 100-MPH. Home improvement stores typically sell them in bundles and they’re quite easy to install as well. With proper maintenance you can expect an asphalt shingled roof to last for as much as 20 years.

Those who have the money may want to turn to clay shingles. Clay shingles can provide a home with a unique look. Because of the material clay shingles are a lot more expensive than asphalt. The upside is the fact that clay shingles due well in areas that see a lot of sun and heat. The down side is the fact that these same shingles are often difficult to install and will likely require a professional Roofing Contractor in Jefferson City MO. Clay shingles are also very heavy and have a tendency to break and chip if hit with intense hail. Whether or not you pick these will depend on how much you’d like to spend as well as where you live.

Wooden shingles are also very popular. Most wooden shingles resemble asphalt shingles because of the way they look. Just like clay, wooden shingles definitely add to the look of the home. As far as cost goes, wooden shingles are usually less than clay shingles but more than asphalt. Some homeowners prefer not to use wooden shingles because, since they’re wood, they aren’t as fire resistant as other types of roofing material. Consult with a contractor at S & K Roofing Inc Jefferson City MO for advice on the type you should choose.




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