The Roofing Contractors in Naples FL Can Show You the Benefits of Installing a Tile Roof

All roofs at need to be replaced at some time. The environment, including weather and the hot sun take their toll on every roof. If it’s not time and regular wear and tear, it could be a storm that tears through the normal “sunshine state” which prompts a new roof.

The roof most experts recommend for surviving all of these problems is the tile roof. This roof is durable, insect resistant and deflects a great deal of the heat.┬áThe longevity of a tile roof is 50 to 70 years, and a tile roof can be great for enhancing a home’s appearance, with many styles and color options available. Let a Roofing Contractors in Naples show you all the options you have to consider. They can offer a design for you to look at which will emulate the actual look of the home.

The Roofing Contractors in Naples FL have tile roofing which will enhance your home with an Italian, Southwestern, or Spanish Mission design from National Roofing of Collier Inc. A number of tile types, colors, styles, and brands will ensure you have just the roof you want for your new home office or home. You can make an appointment for a no-charge consultation with an experienced designer to learn what type of tile roof option will be best for your architectural theme.

Tile Roofs Have Lasting Benefits

* Exemplary lifespan

* Resistant to rot, insects, and fire

* Requires little maintenance

* Withstands all types of weather including hurricanes

* Non-combustible

* Class-A Fire Rating

* Lighter-weight than previous clay tiles – no need for added roof supports

* Great all weather insulation

Some Concerns With Tile Roofs

* Tile roofs can be costly but they will pay back over the life of the roof.

* The roof support mechanism may need to be reinforced.

Good Thoughts About Tile Roofing to Consider

Tile roofs usually are made in a semi-circle or half-moon shape. Several other styles are being made now which lend added beauty to any home or office. The slate look is becoming popular, and it is a flat tile with some edges beveled. The Roofing Contractors in Naples FL are prepared to discuss each style with you and can help you make a selection compatible with the architectural theme of your home or office.

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