The Range of Hair Salon Services

Hair salons have come a long way. The amount of services provided has blossomed and only continues to grow. No longer do clients go in, get their hair done, and walk out. The variety of salon services goes far beyond the haircut. And when it comes to hair salon services, New York is the front runner for treatment trends like hair extensions and weaves, spray tans and bronzers, keratin hair treatments, and more.

Treat Your Whole Self
With the contemporary range of hair salon services offered in New York City, you will receive much more than a new hairstyle. At such a salon you can treat your whole self in one location. With services like microdermabrasion, hydrotherapy, threading, electrolysis, mineral salt body treatments, aromatherapy, and several different types of massages, it may even be difficult to fit all your choices into one day! It may be helpful to create a list of services that work well together for what you are going through at that moment, and then to schedule an additional appointment for other coexisting treatments. This may include hair and nails one visit, and a massage and facial the next. Or maybe you just want to end every visit with a different type of massage or healing treatment. No matter your preference, you will surely be able to find a way to treat your entire self with a salon service in New York.

Treat According to the Occasion
Some salons offer packages to treat you during a big moment in your life. For instance, there are bride-to-be and groom-to-be packages that you can buy for yourself or a friend, or a mommy-to-be package for before your bundle of joy arrives. You can also purchase a party for you and your friends to enjoy spa services together. The possibilities to what you can celebrate with a day at a spa are endless.

Spa Packages
Many quality NYC salons offer a wide array of treatments and spa packages that involving various kinds of massages and beauty treatments combined. You may even be able to save money by purchasing one of these packages.

Looking for much more than a haircut? Contact Paul Labrecque, a salon and spa in the New York City area with a large range of personalized services. Contact them at 888-757-2566 to schedule an appointment.

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