The Novel Approach Offered Through InterPoker Rakeback

Working with all the major poker websites and online casinos allows us to get a really good idea of what works for players of different experience and monthly playing levels. For those that enjoy playing poker on a regular basis and wager decent amounts, the InterPoker rakeback program offers a novel approach to running their program.

As most people that play online poker know the casino’s each develop their own rakeback program which is typically linked to their VIP or Loyalty Program levels, tiers or rankings. They also offer a percentage of the rakeback based on your level, tier or ranking as well as you minimum contribution to the rake per month or per year. We know this can be a bit confusing, but the InterPoker rakeback program actually makes this quite easy to calculate and keep in mind.

How it Works

The InterPoker rakeback program is calculated per the amount that you pay into the pot, which is also a percentage of what the house takes in the rake. The more that you pay into the pot the higher the percentage of the amount that you pay into the rake, which only makes sense.

For every dollar that you contribute to what the house takes in the rake you earn 3.7 points. This is cumulative and, at the end of the month, your points are totaled. Then, this total is compared to the cumulative total of the rakes and a percentage of your contributions to the total rake is calculated. This is what you receive, automatically deposited to your account, the very next month.

Ideal for Frequent Players

The best thing about the InterPoker rakeback for the frequent poker players that sign up through us is that they can play without reaching a cap level as you find in some online poker sites. It isn’t uncommon for players to earn as much as 40% with the InterPoker rakeback program without having to wait for months and months of playing to build up the point necessary to earn that level.

We find that the InterPoker rakeback program is certainly high on the list of rakeback programs for those that are regular players. Keep in mind you can still use all the other casino bonuses as well, so you can really add to your bankroll just by being a serious player.

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