The Importance of a Regular Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa

Septic systems handle a very important task within a home’s infrastructure. The tank is designed to collect any solids running through the system and then break down the waste material through the use of bacterial action. Homeowners need to schedule a regular Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa to ensure the system runs as designed. Many experts recommend the tank be cleaned every two to five years, depending on the number of people living in the home and the type of system. Why is a regular Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa so important?

The main reason one must have their septic tank pumped regularly involves the collection of solid matter. When the tank is cleaned, this prevents the solid matter for entering a leach field. Bacterial action within the tank is designed to break this solid matter down into sludge, and the sludge then moves to the bottom of the septic tank. Over time, sludge builds up, and the build-up is stirred up any time fluids enter the tank. When this takes place, the solid matter may move into the leaching area along with the fluids. This can clog the leach field.

Over time, as the leach field becomes clogged, fluids aren’t able to exit the tank or drain in the soil. This leads to the leaching area becoming damaged and a need for costly repairs. For this reason, you want to have the tank cleaned on a regular basis. Most experts recommend this be done when the sludge layer takes up one-third of the septic tank. There are steps you can take also between cleanings to help reduce problems.

Never overload the system or flush items such as cigarette butts, as this can lead to septic tank damage. Grease and chemicals can damage the septic system, and the same is true of salt and chemicals used in water softening systems, as they interfere with bacterial action in the tank. Never drive over the tank or the leach field. Avoid installing a garbage disposal, as this can lead to septic system issues. Caring for a septic system doesn’t have to be difficult, and you can click here to find out more about how to care for yours regularly to ensure it works as designed at all times.



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