The Disability Attorney In Lawton, OK Has The Experience To Get Your Claim Approved

A disability not only affects your physical health and mobility, but it can also affect your mental health. When concern for the welfare of your family is added you will most likely have an overwhelming sense of helplessness. However, there is help for you in the person who has experience in disability law. A Disability Attorney in Lawton, OK is a good source of advice when facing legal issues involving disability and the Social Security Administration and Veterans Disability.

You are entitled to Social Security disability benefits if you have been injured and you are unable to work. Filing for these benefits can be a complex task and a very involved process. Many people who file are turned down the first time they file and the second time also.

It is advisable to prevent this by consulting a Disability Attorney in Lawton, OK for help with filing a claim. It is a good idea to have this help when you file your first claim and your second claim if one is necessary. This will enable a Disability Attorney in Lawton, OK to become familiar with your case and advise you on filing a claim that has a better chance of being approved.

The attorney will get all of your medical records and review them carefully against the standard he believes Social Security follows in approving cases like your case. He will know when to ask a medical consultant to become involved in your case to help substantiate your claim. A Social Security Attorney in Lawton, OK will can prepare a presentation that will stand a great chance of approval at the Administrative Law Hearing level.

The attorney experienced in Social Security Hearings will prepare your case for approval at the Hearing which is the next step after the second rejection of your claim. He has the experience to know what the Hearing judge is looking for, and he may have presented more than one case to the same judge.

The Administrative Law Hearing is not the same as a court room trial. The Hearing is informal in that the rules of evidence are not as strict and the presentations by witnesses are not held to the same standard as they would be in a court trial. Eighty percent of all cases appealed to the Administrative Hearing level are approved.

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