The Best DUI Attorneys in Wichita, KS Provide Professional Representation for Those in Need

Dealing with a DUI can be a complex and lengthy process. It is always best to have professional representation to ensure that all avenues are explored and a proper defense is built. This is why having the Best DUI Attorney in Wichita KS is so important. These attorneys can explain the legal ramifications of the charges. They know how the laws apply to each specific case and will work to provide a proper defense in a court of law. Although, it is not always possible to beat the charges, having legal representation ensures the defendant has the best chance of a fair sentence if they are found guilty.

Once a DUI attorney is obtained through Rocky Wiechman Law, they will first decide what plea is in the best interest of the defendant. The DUI attorney will cross examine the witnesses of the prosecution during the arraignment.  Many times a good attorney can get the charges dropped during this initial phase, so a court case is not needed to decide the outcome. There are also a few pre-trial conferences that provide the attorney with opportunities to get the charges lessened or dropped before court proceedings. When dealing with DUI’s, the Best DUI Attorney in Wichita, KS will file a set of motions on behalf of the defendant. For example, they may file a motion to suppress the defendant’s statements or try to force an evidentiary hearing, so the attorney can find out what evidence is being held against the defendant. This is tremendous help when preparing a proper defense for court proceedings.

Once the case reaches trial, the lawyer will help to seat jury members and represent the defendant during the trial. They will try to weaken the prosecution’s case by providing expert witnesses to refute the evidence against the defendant. Having professional representation during a trial is the only way to ensure a fair case. DUI law can be complex and without representation, the sentencing phase can be much more damaging to the defendant. With the help of good counsel, the defendant can avoid jail time by completing an alcohol rehabilitation program. A good DUI attorney helps his client get the help they need to start a new and promising future.

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