The Benefits Of The rNetwork Boost Card

Charter members and FANNs of the rNetwork used to use a product known as the Revvcard. Today, thanks to the advancement of the rNetwork Participation Marketplace, the old Revvcard has been replaced with the new rNetwork Boost Card.

This is more than just a renaming of an old product. The new rNetwork Boost Card offers a completely new look at the use of credit cards for purchases within the network. Easy to use for all aspects of the rNetwork Participation Marketplace, it allows Charter Members and FANNs to earn income on purchases made by others throughout the marketplace, and also offer all of the traditional features of a credit card. There are also significant advantages with the rNetwork Boost Card that are not found with traditional credit cards.

Savings and Discounts

Shopping within the rNetwork Participation Marketplace already offers deep discounts and savings for typical purchases as well as luxury types of purchases. Using the card specifically designed for this network and platform makes it simple to keep track of both income and spending.

In this way, the card becomes a tool for both earning as well as savings, which are the advantages offered by becoming a Charter Member or a FANN. This card can be used at any of the merchants offering products or services through the rNetwork Participation Marketplace. A quick review of all that is offered from mobile phone services to hotel and vacation booking makes it clear on the potential for savings.

Through the rNetwork, members also earn based on the purchases of others. The more people spend through the rNetwork Participation Marketplace, the greater the earnings for all members. Companies in the marketplace include international brands such as Nike and, and more companies are continually added to the marketplace.

The marketplace also includes a rNetwork Financial services, rAutos, rMortage services as well as the future addition of an rNetwork Bank.

rNetwork uses the rNetwork Boost Card for purchases within The Participation Marketplace®. To learn more about our products and services, see us at website.