The 3 Most Vital Janitorial Supplies and Liner Accessories in San Antonio TX

There are many vital items in the repertoire of a janitorial staff. Some more important than others and some are the best no matter where you are or what type of building you’re working in. Some tools are just necessary no matter what type of janitor you are. So, if you are wondering what sort of tools and Liner Accessories in San Antonio TX are the best and most universal tools in the janitor’s toolbox, read on for the answer.

Bathroom Cleaner

If what you’re cleaning is a place of business, which it probably is, then chances are good that it has a bathroom, and it will be your job to clean it. This is why one of the must-have items in the toolbox of a professional janitorial staff is the bathroom cleaner. The bathroom is the one room in any place of business that must always be cleaned daily, sometimes even twice a day. As such, high-quality bathroom cleaner is a must, and you should always make sure that you have a shelf’s worth of backups because you’re going to need every one of those bottles.

Floor Care Products

This includes chemicals to clean the floor itself, products to clean the liner and linoleum, and carpet cleaner. All of this depends on what type of floor your place of business has. You may need certain tools if your building is mostly carpet, or you may just need a mop if your floor is linoleum or tile. Either way, people are walking all over that floor constantly, making it the one thing that comes close to being cleaned as often as the bathroom, since it’s anyone’s guess what’s going to be caked onto the shoes of whoever walks in.


Germs are everywhere, and so disinfectants need to be in good supply. The human hands are a one-way ticket to getting germs all over everything in a building, especially if they’re the hands of small children. So the janitor of a pediatrician’s office or school or anywhere else where small children are going to run rampant need to be vigilant and keep a lot of backup spray bottles for when they need to spray down a chair or window.

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