Taking A Closer Look At What You Want In Countertops In Maple Grove, MN

One of the most effective ways to determine what you need in your new kitchen or bathroom is to take the time to make a list of all the features you want. This includes the look and the practical attributes in counters, fixtures and even in flooring and cupboards.

Too often people planning a kitchen or a bathroom renovation in Maple Grove, MN get caught up in trends. This may be the latest in colors or materials, but it always means choosing an option this not based on what your unique wants and needs may be.

To help in selecting the right countertops, stop and consider the following questions before choosing the right material.

Maintenance Requirements

Natural stone has got a bad rap for being high maintenance when it comes to cleaning, maintaining and sealing. In reality, new sealants provide excellent protection for the surface of natural stone options in comparison to tile, laminate or wood.

Additionally, as natural stone doesn’t require grouting, it is much easier to maintain than tile and, as it is stone, it is more durable than wood. Using trivets and hot pads will be important for any surface. However, quartz is also heat resistant as well as chip and scratch resistant.


Any stone that is sealed will be effectively cleaned with just warm water and a damp cloth. Dish soap can be used to wipe down the surface followed by a rinse with clean water and then a dry cloth.

Natural stone countertops should not be cleaned with kitchen or glass cleaners as this can actually cause dulling and streaking. Counters should never be cleaned with abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads as they will lead to dull and scratched looking surfaces.

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