Steps Involved in a Queen Creek, AZ Water Heater Replacement Job

The water heater is an essential element in most homes. Since having heated water is instrumental in helping to keep things and people clean, it is important that the system that heats the water is functioning properly. While most water heaters last a number of years, they do eventually breakdown and when this happens, they will require Queen Creek, AZ Water Heater Replacement work to be done.

One of the first steps that most technicians who are handling a Queen Creek, AZ Water Heater Replacement job will need to do is making sure that the homeowner has a new tank to replace the old one. Very often, a homeowner may wish to purchase their own tank and have the technicians install the tank for them. This can be a good option if the homeowner understands about the options available in different types of water tanks. In addition, they will also need to know how to select one that will fit into their home’s system. If this is a bit confusing to the homeowner, it may be best for them to have the repairperson supply the new tank for them.


When beginning a Queen Creek, AZ Water Heater Replacement job the first thing that a technician will need to do is to turn the power and/or gas off to the system. After this is completed, they can then set about the task of disconnecting the electrical wiring and gas lines from the tank. The water will need to be shut off and all the hot water spigots in the home will need to be opened while the technician has a hose attached to the drain valve on the tank. This will drain the water tank of any water still inside the unit. Since the water can be extremely hot, the technician will often run the hose a safe distance from areas where people or pets may be present. Once the tank is drained, the water lines will be disconnected from the tank and the old unit will be removed from its spot.

The new unit will then be positioned into the vacated spot. The water lines will need to be reconnected to the new unit and the water supply will need to be switched on so the tank fills with water. The final step in a Queen Creek AZ Water Heater Replacement job is to reconnect the wiring and switch it on.


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