Signs That You May Need to Visit a Chicago Emergency Dental Clinic

Emergency dental care is vital for maintaining oral health and preventing further damage to teeth. If you experience any of the following signs, it’s time to visit a Chicago emergency dental clinic.


If you have a toothache that lasts for more than a couple of days and doesn’t respond to over-the-counter medication, it’s time to see an emergency dentist. A toothache can be a sign of an infection, which will only get worse without treatment.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

If you have chipped or cracked teeth, it’s important to see an emergency dentist right away. Even a small crack can lead to an infection, and a large one could cause you to lose the tooth entirely.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are usually a sign of gum disease, which is a serious condition that needs to be treated right away. While certain activities like brushing too hard can cause your gums to bleed, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and get checked out by a dentist if it continues.

Lost Crown or Filling

If you’ve lost a dental crown or filling, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. Leaving the tooth exposed can cause pain and make you more susceptible to infection.

Signs of Oral Infection

Oral infections can be very serious, so it’s essential to see an emergency dentist if you notice any signs of one. These include swelling, redness, and pus around the gums or teeth. If you have a fever or trouble swallowing, it’s also important to seek medical attention right away.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, don’t hesitate to visit a Chicago emergency dental clinic. They can provide the care you need to protect your oral health.

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