Services Offered by an Orthodontist in Daytona Beach, FL

Orthodontist in Daytona Beach, FL is the branch of dentistry that will correct jaws and teeth that are not positioned properly. Teeth that do not fit together properly, or that are crooked, are much harder to maintain and keep clean, which puts them at risk of becoming lost early due to periodontal disease or tooth decay. Additionally, the extra stress that is created due to the misalignment can lead to chronic headaches, back and shoulder pain or TMJ syndrome. When teeth are crooked, or not in the proper place, it can also impact a person’s appearance.

When you opt to seek orthodontic treatment, you will reap a healthier mouth, a better appearance and teeth that are much more likely to last your entire life. A specialist in this field is referred to as an orthodontist, which is a dental specialist that has received two or more years in education, past their initial four years of dental school.

How to Know if You Need Orthodontic Services

In most cases, your general dentist will refer you to an Orthodontist in Daytona Beach, FL if their services are necessary. This is usually based on a series of diagnostic tools, which include a full dental health and medical exam, as well as x-rays and additional tests. This will help you orthodontic create the treatment plan that is ideal for your particular situation.

Beville Dental Care offers a full array of orthodontic treatments, which include a number of jaw issues, such as:

* Overbites: This is often referred to as buck teeth and occurs when the upper teeth are too far forward, or when they stick out over your lower teeth.

* Underbites: This creates a type of bulldog appearance, when the lower teeth are further forward than the upper teeth.

* Crossbite: This is when the upper teeth are not able to come down in front of your lower teeth when you bite together in a normal manner.

* Open Bite: This is when there is space between each of the biting surfaces.

When you need orthodontic services, your general dentist will refer you to a quality orthodontist who will repair any issues that may be present.

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