SEO Company: Charlotte Local Business Services

If you own a business that markets to local customers, it makes sense to work with a SEO company to help you reach that audience. “Shop local” is the current maxim, but consumers still want the benefits of online shopping. This means that a significant number of individuals search online to find local businesses and products before making the trip to the brick-a-mortar store. Consumers need to know that the products on which they spend money have real value. Businesses can use this to their advantage through a combination of website design and SEO marketing.

What Every Website Needs

Creating a website is easy and the average person can set one up for free in minutes. Creating a good website that really draws in the audience and conveys the right message takes hard work though. Building a website from scratch takes time, skill, and a lot of patience. Essential elements include:

1. Branding your business through the use of logos, colors, fonts, and other design elements that your audience will come to recognize as your own
2. A website design and layout that is easy to navigate and provides all the necessary information
3. Customer service options that connect shoppers to the company
4. A cart and checkout system that processes credit cards securely and fosters confidence in consumers

Website design must be unique to your business. What works for one may not for another and it is important to express your core values and personality.

Marketing Basics for Business Owners

Part of any business plan should include a marketing strategy – the way you get the attention of potential customers. The days of billboards and radio commercials are past and savvy businesses must make their voices heard over the plethora of choices on the Internet. A marketing plan should include a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on your website and pay-per-click advertising elsewhere. Through a combination of keywords and context, your website can rank highly in search engines, be found in local directories, and be seen by your target audience.

Alternatives to Getting Your Hands Dirty

Some business owners take a do-it-yourself approach, learning on the job and solving problems independently. However, that method can be slow to bear fruit and not all business owners are cut out for it. When you need a solution that you know will work, turn to a SEO Company near me. eBrandz Solutions has been in the business for over 18 years and knows what works. A team of professionals can build a website from the beginning or upgrade an existing one. They can create a comprehensive advertising and SEO strategy that draws customers in and encourages them to stay. Contact them for an evaluation and a plan that will fit your business.

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