See the Emergency Dentist in Lincoln Square to Stop Your Tooth Pain

When tooth pain strikes, finding relief is not always easy. Though there are over-the-counter pain medications and topical treatments, these often do very little to stop the pain. Since tooth pain can sometimes be caused by serious oral health concerns, it is crucial the emergency dentist in Lincoln Square is sought for treatment. The sooner tooth pain is treated, the sooner relief can be found.

Tooth pain is often caused by cavities in the teeth. Though a cavity may not cause any initial outward signs, it will begin to cause pain once it has reached the inside of the tooth, where the nerve resides. Once the nerve becomes affected, this can cause serious pain that many people find difficult to deal with.

The dentist will first examine the tooth and may take X-rays to see how deep the decay runs. If the decay is severe, the tooth could be in danger of death. When this happens, extraction is the only form of treatment.

To avoid the need for extraction, severe decay may be treated through a root canal procedure. This cleans out the inside of the tooth and removes the nerve so it no longer causes any pain. In most cases, a crown is put in place to ensure the tooth is fully protected.

In cases of normal levels of decay, the decayed portions are removed and the tooth is filled. Filling seals off the tooth and prevents foods and liquids from entering and causing damage. Once a cavity has been filled, most people find their pain is no longer an issue.

In some cases, tooth pain can be a sign of a tooth abscess. This is an infection that occurs deep within the tooth. Infections of this type must be treated immediately. This is why dentists recommend patients with infections see the Emergency dentist in Lincoln Square. Through antibiotics and drainage procedures, a tooth may be able to be saved.

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