Secure That Home or Business With Help From a Fence Company in St Paul

Protecting a home or business from theft or vandalism can be a challenging task. Thankfully, there is at least one thing that can be done that is not too difficult: the installation of a fence. However, selecting the right fence can be a challenge in itself, and the choice often depends on what is being protected. For instance, many commercial and construction sites prefer the use of chain link mesh. Chain link fencing installed by an expert fence company in St Paul provides a barrier with both extreme security and great visibility.

Chain link has a variety of commercial names, but the basic product is a wire mesh that is linked together at multiple points. Each wire has ninety-degree angles every few inches. Each angle is bent so that the next wire will fit perfectly and still allow the mesh to fold without damage. This sort of fence comes in a variety of heights so it can be used on almost any property. Plus, chain link can be purchased in a galvanized steel mesh or one made from aluminum. The mesh is pulled tight and secured to posts and may also use top and bottom rails for additional strength.

Alternative materials used by a fence company in St Paul include wood slats and vinyl. Vinyl fencing has become a great solution for many fencing tasks because the product has a long service life and requires very little maintenance. Vinyl fencing also comes in many styles including a simulated wood plank and solid panels. Common uses include decorative pickets around the front lawn and a secure fence for family pets. Vinyl fencing also comes in many colors, although white seems to be the popular choice.

A beautiful alternative to the typical wood fence is a lattice fence made of cedar. Unlike other woods, cedar weathers extremely well and is resistant to rot. The use of a lattice layout creates a fence that is visually different, yet is still sturdy and reliable. Plus, the lattice provides the open appearance that some property owners prefer. Of course, enclosing the property is not the only reason to install a sturdy fence. Pools and ponds can be dangerous places and need to be properly secured, so children do not wander into the area and drown. Browse our website for more fencing information.

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