Safe Bee Removal in Pittsburgh

It’s certainly never fun to have a plethora of stinging insects around the home. Especially if you have small pets or children. Though the bumblebee may seem to be a generally harmless insect that only stings as a last resort to protect itself or the hive, the truth is these bees can infiltrate a home and quickly become a nuisance. This can have homeowners looking for bumble bee control in Pittsburgh.

While bumble bees are great for pollinating gardens and farms, children and small animals are attracted to the small furry insects. They can appear to be small living toys, with their rounded fuzzy body and too-small wings. However, these nesting insects are genetically pre-disposed to protect the hive at all cost. Having an uncontrolled hive of bumble bees on your land may not seem to be a nuisance or dangerous until someone stumbles into the hive. Workers will protect the nest and the queen with their lives, and that results in a lot of painful stings, particularly dangerous to those with allergies to stinging insects.

The Bee Man specializes in bumble bee control in Pittsburgh. Our company has several different options for keeping a home safe from stinging insects. From general prevention to hive identification and removal, we are even available on a 24-hour basis in case of emergency removal or extermination needs. With a well of knowledge that spans two generations, the real question is why you haven’t already contacted The Bee Man?

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