Roofing Contractors Kansas City, MO Can Provide Durable Roofs Using Steel Panels

Living, working or running a business in a location such as Kansas City can require some tough, nature resistant building materials. This is especially true when it comes to roofing. The roof of a building can be put under a lot of stress, and winter conditions simply make things worse. Roofing Contractors Kansas City, MO require reliable products to repair or replace a damaged roof, and many of the best are metal. This is because metal roofs are extremely durable, energy efficient and completely recyclable. Unfortunately, some metal roofing materials can be very expensive and a little difficult to install. One example of this is copper. Copper results in a beautiful roof that ages to a nice patina. However, it requires a roofer who has experience with copper to install it properly.

Perhaps the best metal roofing materials are steel products like those provided by companies such as Flatiron Steel. Steel roofing can come in a variety of types, but is generally galvanized with a zinc coating or covered with a waterproof primer and paint. Painted steel may not sound that durable, but modern chemical processes support primer applications that can survive in excess of thirty years. This is important because the better the primer or coating, the longer the product will be warranted for. With Roofing Contractors Kansas City, MO, you know that warranties are one of the primary concerns that many customers have. Most consumers can justify a little more expense when they know that the roof will last for decades.

As a contractor, one of your primary concerns is variety. No roofer can make a living installing only one type of roof, there are just too many options today. For example, you can install metal roofs made from a zinc galvanized, stamped steel sheet or standing seam panels. The latter come in either locking seams or nail strip seams. Nail strip, standing seams offer quick installation and a hidden fastener space. Locking seams come in a mechanical lock or a snap lock. All panels can be purchased in variable widths to suit the job at hand. However, the list doesn’t stop there. You can get corrugated panels with different corrugated patterns or ribbed panels which resemble the standing seam panel. You can learn more about metal roofing materials at

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