Restore Your Comfort With A Chiropractor For Back Pain in Lexington, SC

Back pain comes in many forms and flavors. You may have intermittent back discomfort or chronic pain. You may have difficulty bending or twisting or complete immobility of the spine. Your discomfort may be focused on the lower spine or may involve the middle of the back. Whatever your specific issue, a skilled chiropractor for back pain in Lexington, SC can help restore your comfort and improve your physical function.

Causes of Back Pain

Because the spine is so central to all movement, a back problem can result from many different factors. Simple strains and poor lifting technique are common causes of back pain. Structural and genetic factors such as scoliosis or weakness in the spine can be at fault. Injury from an auto accident, fall, or sports impact can lead to chronic pain. A damaged disc that serves to cushion the vertebrae of the spine or a degenerative condition can lead to back pain. Poor posture and arthritis from aging can also cause back discomfort.

What Techniques Do Chiropractors Use For Back Pain?

Manual adjustment is an essential technique of chiropractic because it realigns the vertebrae for more effective movement. Decompression techniques may be used to relieve pressure on muscles, tendons, and nerves in the back. Corrective exercise can be important for correcting posture and improving back function. Electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy can relieve pain and improve blood flow to spinal structures. Your chiropractor can utilize many different methods to improve your condition.

Your chiropractor can provide care for your back pain, using specialized equipment and methods that have helped millions of people. If you need a chiropractor for back pain in Lexington, SC, you can find help at your local chiropractic clinic,, using a variety of effective techniques.