Recognizing Problems On A Commercial Building Roof

To prolong the life of a commercial roof it is important that a regular program of inspection, maintenance and repair is part of the operational plan. If it has been some time since the roof on your commercial building was inspected the first priority should be to hire roofers in Aurora IL to identify and repair any problems.

Due to the way in which an industrial or commercial building is constructed it is often possible to see serious problems with the roof from the inside. Water stains on the insulation may be evidence of a leak, a leak that was caused by a crack or fissure in the roof. Leaks are not defined by size, even a small leak can result is significant damage. If the building has mold or an unexplained odor this is also an indication of water getting into the building.

A lot depends on the slope of the roof, its construction and ease of access; it may be that an external roof inspection can be made by the building owner or his maintenance personnel, however; as a roof is a unique structure it may be warranted to hire roofers in Aurora IL to ensure the inspection is thorough and any repairs are done correctly. There are a number of things to look for when inspecting a commercial roof.

* Standing water on the roof can age and deteriorate the roof cover, this leads to leaks. Undetected leaks can result in rusting of a steel deck, rotting of a wooden deck or slowly disintegrate light weight insulating concrete. Excessive ponding of water adds considerably to the weight on the roof which can result in structural problems.

* Bubbles often are an indication that moisture is somehow trapped within the cover; this leads to leaks, early aging of the roof deck and has a detrimental effect on the roofs ability to withstand high winds which tend to induce uplifting forces.

* Flashing is usually a metal strip which goes completely around the buildings perimeter where the roof meets the vertical walls. Flashing is also installed wherever there is something protruding through the roof. Any gaps in the flashing increase the possibility of the roof cover failing during extended periods of high wind and rain.

These are but three of the many potential problems that are looked for when a roof is inspected by professional roofers in Aurora IL. Regular care and maintenance is by far the best way to extend the service life of a commercial roof and increase resistance to the weather.

If you are the owner or manager of a commercial structure you should rely on roofers in Aurora IL to inspect, maintain and repair the roof on your building. Visit Showalter Roofing Service, Inc. website for more information.

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