Portable Construction Heaters for Various Applications

The winter can be long and difficult if your workplace isn’t properly fitted for the colder weather, and it’s understandable that you and your employees might struggle to stay warm without a construction heater onsite. Industries that benefit from portable construction heaters include construction, oil, petrochemical plants, paper construction, and mining, just to name a few. Whether you work in residential or commercial construction, you can be certain that a portable construction heater can keep you safe and comfortable for hours—even if the most bitterly cold climates.

Advantages and Features
Do your employees work long hours in cold outdoor or indoor climates, such as on construction sites or deep down in mines? Perhaps they work in a sprawling pulp or paper mill, where individual construction heaters are more beneficial and cost-effective than an overall heating system. In cold parts of the country, you can be sure that workers prefer to have a portable construction heater by their side at work.

If you do not currently employ this strategy to keep your employees warm and cozy, it is important to learn as much as you can about the key features of this excellent investment. One of the best things about portable construction heaters is their versatility. You can purchase heaters between 3 kW and 8,000 CFM. This wide range of size and style ensures that you will definitely be able to find a heater that meets your specific needs.

Large or Small
Heavy-duty construction heaters are available, as well as smaller and more compact sizes, depending on your needs. It might be helpful to consider how many people are going to be using one heater and how many heaters you need for one workplace before you choose a small or large model.

Some portable heaters come with built-in thermostats, so your employees will be able to control the level of heat at their leisure. This is a great benefit and provides a lot of flexibility. Keep your workers content and warm with a heavy-duty or small portable construction heater.

To learn more about purchasing a portable construction heater for your plant or construction site, talk to your local air heater company.

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