Pediatric Dentistry, A Dental Specialty

The medical and dental fields attract many specialists, professionals who focus their attention on one or two of the wide number of specialties available. In the case of dentistry there are nine recognized specialties, a pediatric dentist in Stamford practices but one. Pediatric dentists are specialists in the field of dental health for children anywhere between toddlers and infants all the way through those in the late teens. A child’s mouth structure is quite different than that of an adult as it is still growing and changing and the dental needs of children are also different than the dental needs of mature adults. A pediatric dentist in Stamford has taken the same basic training as any other dentist but has gone on to study the most effective ways to treat children.

After four years in dental school a person who wishes to specialize in pediatric dental care takes an additional two years as a resident working with children and young adults. Pediatric dentists not only have all the necessary professional skills, they also know how to deal with children who find it hard to sit still at any time let alone while in the dentist’s chair. A pediatric dentist learns special techniques to overcome the natural fear of the dentist and all the unfamiliar tools and surroundings; this usually includes a short hands on session where the dentist lets the little patient see all the tools first, decorating the treatment room in a child-friendly fashion and providing distractions such as TVs and videos of children’s favorite shows.

Infants begin to cut teeth somewhere between five and eight months old and by the time the child is a three year old toddler they will have a full set of “baby” teeth. At about this time the child should have their first trip to the pediatric dentist in Stamford, of course if there are specific dental concerns there is no reason to wait this long. After the first appointment the child should start getting in the habit of twice yearly visits.

Although a pediatric dentist cleans the child’s teeth, there is more to it than that. The dentist provides counsel for the parents, giving them tips on how to care for the child’s teeth between visits. Just because they are young does not mean they won’t get a cavity that needs filling or an infection of some sort. A very important part of pediatric dentistry is teaching the child the best way to brush and floss and all about good nutrition, setting the stage early for a lifetime of proper dental hygiene and dental care.

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