Mosquito Control in Monmouth County

Warm summer nights are on the way, and with them, come mosquitos. Instead of wasting time and money on citronella candles and bug spray, why not consider calling a professional to get rid of the problem once and for all? Proud to be a leading provider of pest control services in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Pride Pest Control offers integrative and unique solutions to pest infestations of all sizes and species. If you’re not convinced that you need an actual exterminator for ‘‘just a few’’ annoying mosquitoes, consider the following:

There are more mosquitoes than meets the eye.

Everyone knows that mosquitoes love the backyard, but only a professional can find where they lay in wait. Not only will our expert team search out the locations where mosquitoes may be hiding, but we will conduct a thorough investigation of your property to ensure that you are protected from future infestations. From stagnant water that nests larvae to sweaty playgrounds that entice females, we will address the current problem and proactively deal with potential ones down the road.

Be safe, not sorry.

DIY and OTC treatments may save you money in the short run, but they are ineffective in the long run and can be unsafe and hazardous to your family’s health. At Pride Pest Control, we use EPA-approved products to make sure that mosquitoes are the only thing we harm on your property. From soil and skin to water and walls, even minute contamination of toxic pesticides can harm human health. At Pride, we fully comply with federal standards and make every effort to use the safest products in all of our extermination services.

What came first, the mosquito or ….

The egg! Did you know that a female mosquito can lay up to one hundred eggs at a time, up to three times in her life? If even half of those eggs hatch, you can be sure that your mosquito infestation will quickly spiral into an invasion. At Pride Pest Control, we don’t just exterminate adult mosquitoes: we eliminate larvae and take a complete inventory of your property to make sure that another round of hatchlings doesn’t follow in our wake.

At Pride Pest Control, we love the warmer months just as much as you do – and so do pesky pests. If you are ready to retake control of your home or business and truly enjoy your summer, give us a call.

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