Knoxville Jewelry Stores can Fulfill All of Your Jewelry Needs

If you want to buy jewelry for a special someone for an upcoming occasion you may be wondering where you should go. Jewelry is a very personal item and you want to make sure that is as beautiful and unique as the person you’re buying it for.You could always go to jewelry store at the mall. They have a large selection of flashy items so there’s bound to be something there, right?

But as you look over the items in the showcases you find that a lot of it looks the same and you were looking for something different.What you’re probably looking for is a Knoxville Jewelry store that can fulfill some of your special needs that other jewelry stores can’t. What you really want is personal service and someone that will listen to your needs and carry what you’re looking for. Whether you decide on something custom made or an antique piece that catches your eye, you will know it when you see it.The professionals there are even experienced in jewelry repair so if you have a damaged item in need of repair they can probably take care of it.

When you get an item repaired at most jewelry stores they send it out to someone you don’t know and it can take weeks or months before you see your item again.If your jewelry item is beyond repair it might not be a total loss. If the item is made from a precious metal like gold it still has scrap value a Knoxville Jewelry store like Enix will pay you a fair price in cash for your gold. In addition to making a little money you can feel good knowing that your jewelry will be melted down and reused again in another item.

At Enix Jewelers you can get so much more than with a cookie cutter jewelry store at the mall. In business for over 60 years, Enix is a one stop jewelry store than can fill all of your jewelry needs, whether you are buying, selling or just need to know the value of something you already own.

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