Keep Your Pet Healthy by Scheduling Regular Dog Grooming in Menifee, CA

One of the first signs that your dog is not healthy is a change in his skin or coat. That is why regular grooming is a must for your dog. By working with your veterinarian, you can schedule a routine plan to have all your dog’s grooming needs to be met.

Brushing the Hair

Regular dog grooming concerns more than your pet’s appearance. It is essential to maintain your dog’s fur, nails, and teeth, and check his ears and eyes to make sure he stays healthy. For instance, besides scheduling regular grooming with your veterinarian, you should brush your dog’s hair a couple times each week. Even if your dog has short hair, you should keep it brushed. Ask your vet about what shampoos and treatments are best for your dog’s hair.

Healthy Eyes and Ears

Regular dog grooming in Menifee, CA also involves checking your canine’s ears and eyes. When your dog looks up at you, his eyes should be moist and clear. You need to refer your pet to the vet if his eyes look irritated, cloudy, or red.

The ears, like the eyes, should be free of any redness or inflammation as well. If they contain residue or look inflamed, you need to seek veterinarian assistance. To prevent ear infections, liquid ear cleaners are available for use.

In addition, dog grooming entails trimming the nails. While outdoor dogs normally do not need regular trims, indoor dogs do. If you permit nails or dewclaws to grow too long, it can lead to infection. The nails should be trimmed carefully to avoid any cuts made to the quick or the part of the nails containing the blood vessels. Therefore, if you are squeamish about doing this task yourself, you can have trimming performed at the veterinarian.

You can learn more about grooming, including teeth cleaning, by contacting veterinarian practices like All Creatures Animal Hospital. Take a proactive stance about your pet’s care by having grooming scheduled on a regular basis.

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