Keep Your Home Warm and Dry With Roofing Exton

One of the most often overlooked parts of our homes is the roofing. We tend to ignore it until the roof eventually leaks and water stains the ceiling and walls. Unfortunately, by this time the damage is pretty extreme and well past the point of easy repair. It is often much easier to keep a check on the roof and inspect the attic area for water leaks than it is to replace the whole roof and repair any damage a leak might have caused.

Of course, not all leaks are easily noticeable and not all roof damage comes from water leaks. In some cases water can run back along the eaves of the roof and damage the underlying structure. Another common cause of severe damage to your Roofing Exton is freezing water. Most freezing damage starts with small seepage that gets under the shingles or into the roof decking. When that water freezes it expands causing the roofing materials to lift away from the roof. In many cases the heat from the home thaws the water causing it to runoff and thaw additional water which creeps back under the roofing. This cycle continues and the damage spreads.

Unlike summertime leaks where the water can spread quickly a freezing leak may not be noticed until much later. In fact, some of these leaks can avoid notice for several years, but when they finally fail it is usually catastrophic. By the time the roof has suffered that much damage the decking is destroyed and in most cases so are the supporting joists and rafters. If this type of damage occurs in a home with a finished attic you may not see the problem until water actually leaks in, but you may be able to feel the chill from the ice build up.

When you first notice signs of stress with your Roofing Exton you need to contact a roofing expert like Beiler Brothers Roofing & Siding. This contractor has over thirty five years of experience in roofing problems and can easily repair whatever is wrong with yours. In order to ease your burden they will provide you with a free estimate and a rapid response time.

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