Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer Heat With AC Repairs in FL

Has your A/C or heating system been giving your problems lately? Are you concerned that it won’t be enough to keep you cool during those hot summer days? Does operating your A/C cause a severe strain on your finances with unexpected increases on your electrical bill? If you can answer yest to any of these questions it is time to have your air conditioning system checked by a professional such as Eco Air Conditioning.

Comfort appliances like heating and air conditioning systems are very complex devices consisting of both electrical components and mechanical components. The basic function of an air conditioner is to remove the warmer air from inside the home while circulating cooler air in it’s place. To do this, the A/C circulates a refrigerant through a series of coils, typically two of them, where it picks up the heat surrounding the inner coil. The refrigerant is then cycled outside where the heat is released into the atmosphere. This process requires a number of mechanical parts that often need AC Repairs in FL.

Regular maintenance and AC Repairs in FL will help your comfort appliances survive for many years. To this effect technicians use state of the art diagnostic tools for testing, installation and repair of air conditioners. Having the proper tools is critical when working with specialized equipment such as air conditioning systems. For example, the pressure of the refrigerant must be at a specific level during operation or the cooling abilities of the air conditioner are degraded.

Along with routine maintenance your air conditioner should be cleaned on a regular basis as well. Dirt can collect inside the unit and eventually block the air flowing through the system. This is very important for the evaporator coil which collects the heat from the home. As the air flows through this coil the heat is collected on the vanes of the coil where it is transferred to the refrigerant. If the coil is covered in dirt then the heat can’t be transferred properly. Even the best filter system can’t stop all of the dust from entering the A/C and the evaporating coil will sweat during normal use allowing the dust to cake and build up in hard to reach places.

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