Ideas for Holiday Office Parties

Okay. You probably don’t want to think about the holidays right now. It’s not even Halloween, right? Perhaps especially you don’t want to think about organizing the office parties, client and customer appreciation, and everything that goes into making everybody happy. Well, honestly, you can’t make everybody happy, but doing something unique is always appreciated. If it’s something unique and delicious, that’s a bonus! Instead of the after work party that can mess up schedules or the lunch hour party that disrupts the working day, try ordering breakfast for a bunch and see some smiles in the morning.

Show Some Love

A good party can build office morale, and show the appreciation for everyone’s hard work all year. People love to know that they’re appreciated, and everyone loves holiday treats, but planning an office party and trying to coordinate lunch hour or after work schedules can turn the holidays to headaches. Giving everyone a delicious breakfast can really smooth the bumps out of pre-holiday mornings. Breakfast parties are not just for in-house. Try treating clients or customers to breakfast, too, or tying in your office breakfast party with a toy or food drive to spread the holiday cheer.

Fast Facts about Eating Breakfast

Why should you be eating breakfast?

  1. Eating breakfast could protect your heart and lower your risk of diabetes.
  2. A good breakfast can help to improve concentration and stretch your attention span.
  3. Breakfast gives you more energy to be physically active.
  4. Breakfast can help to keep your weight down by cutting down on midmorning snacking.
  5. A balanced breakfast with carbohydrates and protein can actually put you in a better mood by keeping your blood glucose steady instead of spiking and dropping over the course of the day.

Breakfast is the most skipped meal of the day, but a breakfast sandwich or even just a variety of fresh baked bagels and delicious spreads can make a merry morning. Add in coffee, and you have a holiday party that’s going to have you ready to roll through the day, and an office party without the boozy aftermath of an evening celebration or heavy lunch sleepies. Order take out breakfast from any Bagelville store – or order online at for the Arlington and West Roxbury locations – and don’t forget to add lots of fresh coffee to get the morning started out right. You can check out the our Facebook for more updates.

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