Huntington Beach Medical Marijuana Dispensary Has What You Need

Huntington Beach is known for many things, including its beaches and perfectly surf-able waves. It is also known for high-quality medical marijuana. If you visit a Huntington Beach dispensary with a medical marijuana prescription, they can help you fill the prescription while explaining the effects of the marijuana products your doctor has prescribed. If this is your first time visiting a Huntington Beach dispensary, here are some basics in marijuana terminology to help you find exactly what you need.


Cannabis Sativa are the strains of marijuana that provide a sense of being high, but usually only in the head. The rest of your body will feel quite normal, but your head may feel like its floating, not connected to the rest of you, etc.. Sativa is generally good for pain as it helps “disconnect” your pain receptors to your brain and make you feel better.


Cannabis Indica are the strains of marijuana that provide an all-over elevated high. You will feel it in your fingers, toes, and all through your body. Indica is the strain of marijuana commonly prescribed to people with ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression, and even autism. It calms you completely, allowing you to feel relaxed, at ease, and able to focus or just sleep, depending on what you need to do. There are also hybrids that provide combined sensations of Indica and Sativa strains, although they tend to be more for recreational use as their effects may work against each other. Ask the dispensary associate what he or she would recommend.