How to Pick a Tree Pruning in Bartow Service

Tall trees are a rarity in central Florida. They are such a rarity that many people in 1995 felt sorry for a pair of woodpeckers that did considerable damage to the space shuttle Discovery. Apparently, the space shuttle looked like the mother of all trees. Because tall trees are so precious in Florida, tree owners need to take care in choosing their Tree Pruning Bartow service. Here are some tips to find skilled arborist in Florida.

Check for Certification

It is not illegal for someone without certification to offer tree pruning services. However, having certification proves that the arborist took the time to get trained properly. Ask your prospective arborist if he or she is certified. Once you get the name of the organization that issued the certification, contact that organization to be sure that they really did issue the certificate. One common organization is the International Society of Aboraculture (ISA). The state of Florida has its own chapter of the ISA.

Check for Insurance

Even if you only have small trees that need pruning, accidents can still happen to your property, to your loved ones or to the people working on your trees. Who winds up having to pay for the damage or for the medical bills? This is why it is so important that your prospective arborist service has liability insurance. If the company can afford insurance, it’s a good sign that it’s has enough money to stay in business for a long time.

Gives Written Estimates

It’s best to contact at least three arborists before picking one to prune and maintain your trees. This is a good way to compare estimates. If an estimate is extremely low, be wary. It could be a sign that the service doesn’t really know what it’s doing. All estimates should be in writing. Never accept verbal estimates or you will be in for a nasty surprise when you receive your final bill.

Avoid “Topping”
Many so-called arborists advocate a controversial procedure called “tree topping.” This is an extreme pruning procedure that can potentially kill the tree. Reputable arborists will never advocate “topping” if their customers wish to preserve the tree.



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