How to Evaluate Potential Crating, Shipping and Delivery Services

Searching online with the keyword phrase “white glove service near me” is the first step to finding knowledgeable, professional crating, shipping and delivery services. Your search is sure to yield dozens upon dozens of results. What do you look for in a company that provides “white glove service near me?” Here’s a basic rundown of criteria to watch out for.

Flexibility and Experience

Your ideal crating, shipping and delivery service should be highly flexible in terms of what they crate, ship and deliver. Look for someone whose list of items that they ship includes a plethora of valuables of any shape and size. The list should encompass whatever precious types of personal, corporate and gallery art you might need to transport.

The company should be able to create custom crates and void fill that safely accommodate paintings, drawings, photography, abstract sculpture and lighting fixtures. Entire museum exhibitions shouldn’t be a problem, and the list of items should also boast pottery, textiles, collectibles, heirlooms and art glass.

At the same time, the company should possess know-how at crating, shipping and delivering movie props, gallery collections, antiques, priceless memorabilia and entire gallery installations if necessary.

Experience at custom-crating, shipping and white-glove delivery of this extensive list must be decades long. Healthy relationships with select importers and exporters of valuable cargo is a necessity. The team’s collective, real-world, on-the-job experience must lend itself perfectly to the task of safely transporting whatever gems you need moved.

A Proven Track Record

Bear the above criteria in mind the next time you ask yourself, “What’s the best white glove service near me?” Look for a proven track record of safety and satisfaction as well as specific dealings with professional art shipping. If the company offers storage or professional-quality storage/shipping crates, even better.

White glove service also means conscientious installation, a major perk. There’s no point in sending a priceless painting that the recipient isn’t equipped to properly unpack and hang. With white glove art delivery, every step in the process from end to end receives excellent, careful attention that culminates in a sturdy, world class installation fit for immediate public display and enjoyment.

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