How to Effectively Perform Tree Cutting in Bellingham, WA

If you need your trees to be trimmed, scaled down, or cut down completely, there are steps you can take to make the process is safer and quicker. However, it’s advisable to hire a competent company such as Rawls Tree Service in Bellingham, WA that effectively performs tree cutting in Bellingham, WA if you are unsure about which branches or trees to cut down. Hiring an experienced company will allow you to get the comprehensive tree services you need to have viable trees.

A tree is a perennial plant that has a trunk, one or more branches, and supporting leaves. A tree that is unhealthy or dead poses a serious risk to people and structures around it. A healthy tree can increase the market and aesthetic value of a home. It can also help shade a home so less electricity is needed to cool it. In addition, trees provide a place for children to play.

Before you cut down any branches from your tree, check out the general condition of the branches. Branches that are broken or appear to be dead should be cut down. tree cutting in Bellingham should be done with the utmost caution. Cut the limb from the underside using a sharp saw. Go about 1/2 way through, stopping before the saw binds. On the top of the limb, saw through at an angle that will meet where you left off underneath the branch. Allow the branch to break free on its own. Cut the remaining stub starting on the topside. Try not to cut any bark from the trunk of the tree when doing this.

When cutting limbs from a tree or cutting down an entire tree, it’s essential that you have sharp tools and protective gear on. For cutting branches, minimal cutting needs to be done to promote healing and to keep from damaging the rest of the tree. A healthy and vital tree can live for decades or even a century. Trees add to the atmosphere of a home by providing a fun and protected way for kids to interact with nature in the safety of their yard.


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