How To Choose The Best Lead Bricks For Sale

Lead bricks are used in many different industries and in different areas. They are most commonly associated with radiation shielding, and they can be used to line rooms or to create rooms or vaults to contain radioactive material or to protect equipment or people from radiation.

The different types of lead bricks for sale range from simple flat bricks through to interlocking lead bricks that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to create various types of structures.

Flat Bricks

As the name indicates, lead flat bricks are shaped much like a standard brick. They can be stacked on top of one another to line existing structures or to create barriers or walls.

Flat lead bricks for sale are a good purchase if flexibility and portability of the shielding material are important. There are different sizes, and custom sized bricks may also be a possibility to consider, but standard sizes are typically all that is required.

Interlocking Bricks

Interlocking bricks are used to create caves and more complex shapes. They include specialized shapes for tops, corners, walls, and bases. The bricks are designed with a V-shape on one side and a shoulder on the other, allowing for linking or locking of the bricks to allow them to stay in more complex shapes that would be possible with standard flat bricks.

Interlocking lead bricks for sale need to be purchased with a design in mind, as the specific bricks are used to create various structures and elements of the cave.

As with any type of lead products, it is important to consider coating or finishing on the lead bricks. This prevents concerns with lead dust or direct contact with lead products by anyone in the area of the radiation structure or shielding.

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