How Is Insurance Coverage Determined Within A Skilled Nursing Facility In West Texas?

As a Skilled Nursing Facility in West Texas is regulated, inspected and licensed under the State Department of Health Services, you can bet that there are a certain criteria that must be met in order to be cared for and covered in one of these facilities. With the rules changing for health care across the country many people have questions as to what insurance companies will cover and will not cover and that goes for Crown Point Health Suites as well.

Title 18 was passed in 1965 and it was part of the Social Security Act Amendments and provided care for citizens over the age of 65 and other residents as long as certain residency requirements were fulfilled. This program is otherwise known as Medicare and many people depend on this health coverage as well as other supplement insurance programs. What is not generally covered under this act however, is the care of an elderly person in a Skilled Nursing Facility in West Texas Skilled Nursing Facility in West Texasunless certain criteria is met.

For instance, you have to have been admitted to a hospital within the last 30 days and that stay must have been at least three days consecutively. Obviously, a doctor has to recommend the transfer to a SNF, or Skilled Nursing Facility, and the facility must be approved by CMS, or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Unfortunately, even if the criteria has been met that does not mean that the Medicare program will cover all aspects of stay in a required SNF. Most people rely on a supplemental program in order to cover the increasingly high costs of an SNF.

An SNF is more than an extended care program for an elderly resident. If that were the case then an assisted living home would be appropriate or even assisted living within a home could be recommended. Usually a facility will also have around the clock care for dementia patients, stroke victims and other ailments that require doctor’s visits, skilled nursing care, prescription drugs, lab services, and a various amount of therapies including physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

Manuevering through the hospital and insurance businesses is not an easy task especially when there is a loved one involved. Making informed decisions can come easier when you talk to skilled representatives in the field that are familiar with both the treatment you need and the coverage you are looking for. Crown Point Health Suites

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