How Can Home Improvement in Buffalo Improve the Curb Appeal

Take any typical street, why is it that there is always one house that stands out from the crowd? Everything seems right, the colors, the proportions the gardens, it all fits, it’s what is known as “curb appeal”. Curb appeal is one of the things to think about when considering home improvement in Buffalo.

When you want to perform home improvement in Buffalo there are a number of inexpensive tricks to add to the curb appeal, let’s start with;

Clean up: It’s amazing how many homes are shabby looking but in themselves, not really shabby. Cleaning up around the house, putting away children’s bikes and toys, straightening up the garden furniture, cleaning the front yard and driveway can make a world of difference, it’s all home improvement in Buffalo and all it costs is a little time and effort.

Prune and plant: As well as a general clean up, cleaning the landscaping is another simple and inexpensive way to carry on with home improvement in Buffalo. Prune trees and shrubs, shape tall shrubs that frame the interesting features of the home and use shrubs to hide unsightly features such as garbage cans and water meters. Low plants, ground cover and bright annual flowers add beauty and life to an otherwise drab yard.

If your home is wood or metal siding, and if you can do the work safely from the ground or a ladder, then wash the siding. This is a home improvement in Buffalo that may be best carried out by a handyman or someone with a high pressure washing machine. Start at the top, just under the eaves, first brush the accumulated dirt, dust and grime as best you can and then wash and rinse the surfaces. Remember to always work starting from the top so the dirty water flushes away by gravity. A mixture of water and detergent and a stiff brush will remove most of the grime.

If washing the siding doesn’t perk up the looks, it may be time to consider paint. Painting is one of the more home improvements in Buffalo tasks that you can undertake but there is nothing like fresh paint to perk up a home. If painting the whole house is not practical, painting just the trim is an alternative that will help quite a bit.

Green the lawn: A green expanse of lawn is necessary to make the house look great from the street. If the lawn is in disrepair, starts with a good deep raking, removing all the thatch, edge around the walks and drive, apply weed killer and fertilizer. With water, the lawn will recover remarkably fast and is one of the best home improvement in Buffalo that you can make.

It really is a host of little things that make a world of difference. You can often do the outside as a DIY project but for interior home improvement in Buffalo, a professional is often needed. If you want to finish or remodel your basement, turn a spare room into a den, contact Comfort Windows.


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